In-Home Wheelchair

In-home Wheelchair Evaluations

Cost: $199

We also offer customized, in-home wheelchair and assistive technology evaluations for people of all ages and disabilities.

We understand that it can be difficult to get to an outpatient clinic with transportation and scheduling issues. We also believe that these assessments are best performed in the comfort of your home so that the equipment not only meets your individual needs but also is compatible with your home environment. This service includes an in-home assessment with the person needing a wheelchair and/or assistive technology, any caregivers, and the equipment vendor of your choice. This one-hour consultation includes a comprehensive mobility and postural assessment and a pressure mapping evaluation of the client, an assessment of your home environment for accessibility, and a cooperative determination of the best equipment solution by all present.

Once a quote for all the recommended equipment is received from the vendor, we will submit a letter of medical necessity for these needs within 3 business days to the referring physician to be signed and submitted to your insurance for approval. Once the equipment is approved by insurance and ready to be delivered, we will follow up with an appointment at delivery to be sure everything is tailor fit for your needs and you are satisfied with the equipment. Melanie Parker, PT has a high success rate of insurance approval with her detailed and professional letters of medical necessity. She is a strong patient advocate and will work diligently until your needs are met.

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