In-Home Wheelchair

Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic

We offer comprehensive, consumer-based mobility evaluations for people of all ages and disabilities to be sure it’s the right equipment, every time.

This service includes a 60 to 90 minute clinic evaluation with the client, caregivers, and preferred equipment supplier. During this time, the client will be interviewed to determine relevant medical history, and will receive a thorough postural assessment and, if needed, custom pressure mapping evaluation to assess risk for pressure ulcers. Pressure mapping uses a computer interface to give real-time feedback of pressure distribution to determine optimal seating system for clients with disabilities who utilize wheelchairs as their primary means of mobility. We have over 20 different styles and brands of wheelchairs in our clinic for clients to trial. We believe in a consumer-based model and do all we can for clients to be able to “try before you buy” to ensure the right fit for each person’s body and lifestyle. We also do custom seating systems for clients with complex shapes and needs.  A customized report and letter of medical necessity will be completed within 3 business days of receiving the quote for recommended equipment from the equipment supplier. The letter will be sent to the ordering physician for approval and to the client’s equipment supplier to receive insurance approval. Depending on the complexity of the equipment to be provided, we also recommend a 30 to 60 minute appointment at the time of equipment delivery to ensure order accuracy, customized fit, and customer satisfaction.

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