In-Home Consulting

In-Home Consulting

Cost: $299

Are you concerned that you or a loved one should not be living at home anymore due to aging, or a physical or mental condition? Are you frustrated because you feel no one can fully address all of your concerns?

Confident Living Home Therapy Consulting LLC is an innovative business offering a unique combination of services to the greater Richmond area. Melanie Parker, a licensed physical therapist, has experience in a variety of healthcare settings as well as additional certifications in assistive technology and customized wheelchair prescription. Melanie uses her experience to help address the concerns many families have regarding the safety of loved ones who are elderly and/or disabled but live alone.

Our consulting service will provide you with a comprehensive two hour in-home assessment of the resident(s) and home environment, resulting in a customized cost-benefit analysis of options for staying home with recommended changes or relocating to assisted living or independent living communities. Your customized consultation will then empower you and your family to make the right choice for your situation. A list of options in your community will also be provided as requested for contractors, home health agencies, private care companies, community resources, and assisted and independent living communities. If you would like, we will also send a copy of your consultation to your physician so that you may include your medical providers in your decision.

Do You Or Someone You Know Need An In Home Consultation?

We would love to come out and discuss the safety of the home and make care recommendations!

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