Frequently Asked Questions

A: In-home assessments typically last two hours. Findings and recommendations will be discussed during the visit and the comprehensive written assessment and cost-benefit analysis will be mailed to you within 3 business days.

In-home wheelchair/assistive technology evaluations typically last one hour and will need to be coordinated with an equipment vendor of your choice. The letter of medical necessity will be provided to your vendor within 3 business days of receiving the vendor’s quote for the equipment.

A: Call 804-363-5281, email, or click here to schedule an appointment. The resident of the home must be present at the appointment, as well as the loved ones who will assist in making decisions.
A: A copy of the assessment findings and recommendations can be sent upon request at no additional charge. The person(s) being assessed must provide consent for the report to be shared with their doctor.
A: Referral bonuses are for any client who recommends our in-home services to a friend or family member. The referral bonus will be mailed to them once the appointment of the person referred is completed.

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