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We are the only full-time seating and mobility clinic serving clients of all ages and diagnoses in the Richmond area. Melanie Parker, DPT, ATP, SMS has over 15 years of experience with wheelchair and specialty seating prescription. With her SMS (seating and mobility specialist) certification, she is the most highly credentialed therapist in the Richmond area for wheelchair assessment. We are committed to a consumer-based model that focuses on what is most important to our clients and their caregivers. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive evaluation, provide expert feedback, and allow each client to experience different models of wheelchairs and seating options. We have a large variety of wheelchair and seating options in our clinic for clients to trial. We understand that the wrong wheelchair and/or seating will negatively impact a client’s independence, health, and quality of life. We want our clients to feel empowered and confident about the choices they make when choosing their wheelchair and seating. We also evaluate clients for all necessary equipment for the home, including showering devices and beds. We provide detailed, timely documentation to the equipment vendor of your choice, and will advocate for you if your insurance company denies the claim. At Confident Living, we go the extra mile to connect you with community resources to help when funding is an issue. Give us a call today, fill out a self-referral form on our website, or email us at We are excited to partner with you for mobility and positioning needs so that you can live confidently!

We offer different services to meet your consulting needs

Our outpatient clinic services clients of all ages. Our goal is to provide excellent and innovative quality of care that focuses on your specific needs and goals. Whether the need is a result of developmental delay, illness, or a neurological event, Confident Living therapists are here to assist you on your journey to wellness. We offer a hands-on approach during your sessions, and provide you with a practical home program to continue to progress towards your goals. Our mission is for you to live life confidently! Contact us for your initial assessment today!

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…a comprehensive physical assessment of resident’s balance, strength, and cognition, and a thorough home accessibility and safety assessment.
This service includes an interview of the resident and caregivers to determine needs and concerns, a comprehensive physical assessment of resident’s balance, strength, and cognition, and a thorough home accessibility and safety assessment. Findings will be discussed at the conclusion of the appointment. A detailed cost-benefit analysis of residential options (i.e., staying home with modifications/assistance versus assisted living versus independent living apartment) will also be discussed. A final report of findings, recommendations, potential resources, and the cost-benefit analysis will be mailed to all involved parties within 3 business days.

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